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Dear Wen: Cheesehound…

Dear Wen…fast food raven (4)

I see no reason why I should be blamed for the images in your head…

Slugs get a bad press okay, and they have a role in nature’s grand scheme, an important role, just like pigeons in fact, or rats, or ravens although obviously the roles are different…

I am afraid I am back on hierarchies… which undoubtedly exist in nature however in nature they don’t carry the same weight which we attribute to them. It is a bit like the symbolism of space which we discussed in MK… Higher isn’t better or worse than lower. Higher is higher and lower is lower, spatially speaking… and the terms really only designate a spatial relationship. The value judgements we bring to these things are simply our choices, and define our outlook…

birds test pics 251The beauty of the equilateral triangle is that it makes this obvious. The ‘highest point’ depends solely upon where one stands. All the points partake equally in both higher and lower simultaneously. Only by understanding this can a fourth dimension be accessed, a meeting in the middle to rise or fall, it doesn’t matter which, and which by definition sees all three points in their actuality as equal points on a flat plane.

Is fire superior to water or earth or air? This is an obviously nonsensical question as each of the traditional elements possesses their own qualities which essentially are neither better nor worse than any other… just different.

bald tailed squirrel 037Yes, it was the Aaron episode I was thinking of, snake or staff, in quantum terms wave or particle… etc.

I like your verb to divine… bones can be used to divine, entrails can be used to divine, the flight of birds can be used to divine, leaves can be used to divine, cards can be used to divine, twigs can be used to divine, crystals can be used to divine, rods can be used to divine… thumbs can be used to divine…

dogs 001John was a divine…

Looking forward to the trip south… is a half-heard whisper the same as a half formulated question?

Of Stones and Staff would make a good chapter title… although that’s not quite right…
I shall bring my grater for the Cheese-Hound…


Don x

9 thoughts on “Dear Wen: Cheesehound…”

  1. Thread Tools tlspiegel New Member Did you know the lowly common garden slug was used to protect the United States soldiers during World War1? In June 1918 slugs were taken to the front battlefields during the last 5 months of the war. Mustard gas (a poison) was used on the battlefields. It’s a deadly weapon. Garden slugs can detect mustard gas long before humans can, and indicate their discomfort to the gas. When they come in contact with the gas, in response to their distress they visibly compress their bodies and close their breathing pores in order to protect their lung membrane. When the soldiers in the trenches noticed this, they quickly put on their gas masks. The slug brigade saved many soldiers lives. Slugs can detect 1 particle per 10 – 12,000,000 particles of air, which is three times more than a human can. This was discoverd by Dr. Paul Bartsch from the Smithsonian Institute who had been studying garden slugs for almost a decade when the United States entered the war. In addition to mustard gas harming humans, many animals and birds developed pneumnoia when exposed to mustard gas. This danger made it difficult to keep the animals healthy on the front lines. (Cited from:

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  2. Slugs are snail-like mollusks with no shells or very small shells. They have voracious appetites and will eat garden plants and crops as well as other vegetation, especially seedlings and tender plants. However, slugs do provide some ecological benefits. They are a food source for many animals and they break down organic matter, which is important for recycling nutrients, such as nitrogen, through the food chain.

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  3. An interesting post, Stuart. Higher creatures in nature do not subjugate the lower orders. The lion does not make the buck work for him and he doesn’t treat them badly. The superiority revolves around survival and who eats who not who pushes down and bashes who into the ground.

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