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The Shrieking Womb: Warriors and Kings…


… So, Connavor took Conall Cernach to a place apart,

“what would you do,” he said, “if I sent you for

the sons of Ushna and, by some mishap, they were

destroyed in spite of your surety and your honour?”


“Why, that would result in the death of more than one Ulsterman,”

said Conall, “for whoever was responsible would have destruction,

and slaughter, and death visited upon him, and all his household.”


“I see,” said Connavar, “that’s what I thought you’d say,” and

he dismissed Conall Cernach and had Setanta brought in to him.

As he looked into the fearsome face of the brooding foundling his

purpose began to fail him but he still managed to ask his question…


 …“If any harm came to the Sons of Ushna through you under my

 protection,” answered Setanta quietly, “then all the wealth in

India would fail to keep your head on your shoulders,” and then

he turned and strode off back to the hall, his anger, simmering.


Then, Connavor brought Fergus mac Roigh in to him and put the same

question, “well, the way I see it,” said Fergus, “is that if a man of

Ulster harmed them while they were here, then obviously I’d avenge

that hurt and disgrace, but I’m satified that as they would come under

the protection of your royal word such a thing would be impossible.” …


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