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The Shrieking Womb: Feast…


… “But just supposing something did happen

 to them,” pressed Connavor, “what then?”


“Then I’d have revenge,” said Fergus.

“On whom?” Asked Connavor.

“On whomever was responsible.”

 “And what of my position Fergus,” said Connavor.


“Why, you would be blameless of course,” said Fergus,

“what harm could come to them from your royal hand?”


“Excellent,” said Connavor, “I knew you were my man.

I want you to go to the Sons of Ushna in Alba and fetch

them back to Ulster, tarry not on your return but head straight

for Emain Macha where a welcoming feast will await them.”


Then, Connavor spoke with Borrach the

hostellier, “you have a feast for me?”


“I have as well,” said Borrach, “yet it is too

expansive a feast to bring to Emhain Macha.”


“Then save it for Fergus mac Roigh on his

return to Erin,” said Connavor, “it is one

of his bindings never to refuse a feast.” …


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