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H. R. R. Gorman reviews Finding Don and Wen…

A five star review on Amazon of “Finding Don and Wen” from author, H. R. R. Gorman…


Intriguing Delve into Mystery and Growth

This short little book is deceptively deep. While on its surface just a collection of letters, Finding Don & Wen ultimately is about growth. As Don and Wen spoke about delving into mysteries, I learned alongside them about English landscape, culture, and how it intertwines with other Old World lore. The characters’ own horizons expanded, as well, and the two pushed each other to greater discovery.

The characters speak about writing other books throughout this journey. I think they’re actual books published by the authors (France and Vincent), and yet each book’s purpose showed growth and continued shared adventure for the authors.

Something else I enjoyed was how the characters’ styles and mannerisms grew more similar as the book went on. Don always has the tendency to use the ellipses, and Wen asks more questions. Over the course of the book, however, the two do start to sound a little more like each other, which I found an interesting little indication the characters were growing to know each other more.

The titular characters, Don and Wen have characterizations I find suspiciously similar to that of the authors (one of whom I follow on the blogosphere). I think this added to my experience, because it felt like I was meeting actual people as I read. I’m probably going to finish the follow-up, Joining Don & Wen, imminently!



Finding Don & Wen

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Available via Amazon

and worldwide in paperback and for Kindle.

Two friends living hundreds of miles apart inadvertently begin to explore the magical and ancient landscape of Albion, delving into the symbolism hidden within mediaeval churches and piecing together the clues that appear to be left before them like a breadcrumb trail.

The correspondence within this book was written as their adventures began to unfold, recording and highlighting strange concepts and magical ideas.

Finding Don and Wen opens an inner door onto the workings of the journey of The Initiate, the first of nine books that tell the full story of what became a true quest, becoming a practical guide on how to listen to and interpret the voice of the living land and its history from a spiritual perspective.


Original front cover photograph by kind permission of our friend, Helen Glynn Jones,

author of The Ambeth Chronicles  at

The second book in the series, Joining Don and Wen, is also now available in paperback and for Kindle

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