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Folk tales and fairy tales are included within the purview of folk lore… The latter are now regarded as stories for children… The former perhaps, by some, as stories for backwards adults… They can be distinguished from folk lore proper because they have, for the most part, been removed from their landscape setting, or locale… Not enough notice was taken of the phenomenon that allowed locally generated stories about ones experiences of place… To be accepted more generally within a populace unconnected to that place… Despite many of the stories referencing such a process.


If landscapes…. And mindscapes… Are so easily exchangeable… Questions about the psychology of existence inevitably arise… Such questions are acknowledged… And addressed in the stories themselves… Yet the rational modern mind struggles to accept many of the answers given as credible… When the local lore states that a stone circle is made up of petrified people who danced on the sabbath… We are apt to smile wryly and look askance… Not comprehending that such a statement is a riddle… The unlocking of which… Requires a key to which we no longer have access…


The questioning mind… Is a questing mind… And field work can help us… By granting experiences… But we still have to be open to those experiences… And to the notion… That in cosmic terms… We are largely ignorant… Of everything… Most people… Now have closed minds… Closed for them by their experience of modernity… And their modern education… The answers to three questions will take us a long way along the path of solving the riddle above… Which people, necessarily, danced on the Sabbath?…  What scared them?… And by way of a clue… What scares you?

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