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Trusty John: Fin…


“Your loyalty shall be rewarded,” said Trusty John, and taking up the decapitated heads of the children, he placed them on their bodies, and smeared the wounds with their blood.

Within seconds the two boys were alive and well and again jumping about as if nothing had happened.

The king was full of joy but when he saw the queen coming, he hid Trusty John and his two children in a big cupboard.

As the queen entered he said to her, “Did you pray in church?”

“Yes, I did,” answered the queen, “but my thoughts dwelt constantly on Trusty John, and of what he has suffered for us.”

“Dear wife,” said the king, “We can restore him to life, but the price asked is our two little sons; we must sacrifice them.”

The queen grew white and her heart sank, but she replied, “We owe it to him on account of his great fidelity.”

Then the king rejoiced that his queen was of the same mind as he him, and going forward he opened the cupboard, and fetched their two children and Trusty John out from within.

“Trusty John is alive once more, and we still have our two small sons!”

Then the king related all that had passed, and they lived together happily ever afterward.