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A circle open to the sky becomes a covered mound,

Within, a tree now made of stone, casts shadows on the ground.

The earth is changing as we pass, each footstep turns to gold

The sky inverts reality, a passage eons old.

The Old Ones watch our wonder as we seek what we have found

And walk into a greater light in darkness underground.

For some a chamber fraught with fear, for others it means naught,

True meaning found proportionate to what the heart has brought.

Out of the old, in to the new, with childlike steps progress…

And if the question should be asked… we simply answer, ‘Yes’.

‘Beck ‘n’ Call’



About the Book

Ben, fast becoming a folk hero after the apparent theft of a standing stone, now languishes in Bakewell Gaol. Don and Wen, suspected of being his accomplices, are on holiday… or ‘on the run’ if Bark Jaw Dark and PC 963 Kraas, hot in pursuit, are to be believed. From England to Scotland, the officers of the Law have followed the trail of the erratic couple as they visited the ancient sites of Albion. This time, though, as Don and Wen take the slow boat to Ireland, Kraas and Jaw Dark are one step ahead. But Ireland is a land of mystery and magic where reality is intertwined with vision and standing stones are still open doors… How long can Don and Wen continue to evade the long arm of the Law? In the shadows, a labyrinth of secrecy shrouds a mysterious figure. What is Montgomery’s interest in a small standing stone? Just how many high-level strings can he pull… and why? And what is the dark, winged creature that is now on the loose? Join Don and Wen as they continue their adventures in the sacred and magical landscape of Albion.

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8 thoughts on “Light”

  1. Incredible. Sometimes having no expectations but just wonderment at what you are seeing and experiencing is the best place in the world to be. Thank you most kindly for such inspiring and beautiful writing. You sure are the most amazing writer!!!


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