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Giants Dance: Rhyme and Reason… now Book of the Month at Strange Book Reviews

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It is always a lovely surprise to find a review of a book.

Even better when it is a positive review…

Book of the Month and reviewed at Strange Book Reviews

It started with a Kite moved through conversations with Llamas and continues with some realizations. These books are magical adventures – almost a modern-day spiritual Famous Five except in this case it’s The Adventures of Wen and Don out to play….in the mystical land of Albion unlocking magical secrets and reading the land….. Fascinating gems of books and well worth reading! I just bought the next!

From Giants Dance: Rhyme and Reason

Book Three of The Triad of Albion

“…Such a small thing, sitting as if asleep against the stone as the dawn broke. Yet it was no sleep but a birthing.

He had called them and they had come, up from the valley, through the avenue of stones……

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