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Dear Don: Utterly Unacceptable…

Dear Don,

Ah yes… Columcille…. it all clicks back into place now… My mind seemed stuck on Aidan…Nick Birds SE Ilkley 2015 uffington avebury cropton Helmsley 003

I am not surprised you are happy about the Minahane being revisited. There was so much more in there at second reading that I hadn’t been ready to see first time round. Lord only knows what I’ll find next time…

Nick Birds SE Ilkley 2015 uffington avebury cropton Helmsley 048Funny, I had the conversation about establishment about the same time you were writing this. When professional reputations, bursaries and income are on the line, the status quo seems much more appealing than walking out on a limb. That is for Fools…

… which says a lot about us, I suppose.

“none of them orthodox all of them utterly unacceptable on so many levels…” rather says it all… as you know full well that I will rub my hands in glee at that one and be delighted to assist…

We may indeed want to examine our itinerary in just a tad more detail than usual if we are going across the water. If for no other reason than a return trip to pick up what we missed will not be as easy as when it is relatively local.

We may even have to do some research first for once…uffington and rollright 008

I wasn’t proposing Iona this time. Rather off our track. I’ve always wanted to see the Isles though…

‘Old King Cole’ has cropped up a fair bit recently in our travels, you know. I may have to do a bit of digging when I get chance. Didn’t Watkins posit something like a prophet to do with coel? Must read that again… it’s been years…

As to the White Horses… well, there is Stuff going on there for a start. I know that many of them are only a few hundred years old… but why ‘there’? And why that form? Was there something before now lost… or is it something in the land itself that calls forth that form and idea? And if The White Horse had been called a dragon, would that form be expressed in a more serpentine fashion?

And does that tie in with the spiral pathways that ascend our hills?

Definitely ‘stuff’ going on…ani 006

Meanwhile the Black Beast awaits your next visit with some anticipation if the recent reaction is to be believed. I caught it on camera for you…


Wen and Beast x

3 thoughts on “Dear Don: Utterly Unacceptable…”

  1. There is such a wealth of information here to be looked into. A lifetime awaits . . . And so do we, your loyal readers . . . You two are an incredible team. You both always leave us on pins and needles so to speak with anticipation of what is next. Thank you for your dedication. And thank you all for being who you are . . .


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