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Coyote was going along…

As usual he was ravenously hungry.

He passed by Buffalo-Bull and noticed his size.

‘No lack of sustenance there,’ he reasoned.

“Couldn’t you make me into a Bull?” asked Coyote.

Buffalo-Bull ignored him.

“If I was a Bull,” continued Coyote, “I could eat grass to my heart’s content and grow big and strong as you.”

“Stop bothering me, Coyote,” said Buffalo-Bull, “everyone knows you are incapable of following the simplest instructions.”

“This time I would,” pleaded Coyote.

Buffalo-Bull wandered away ignoring Coyote again.

But Coyote persisted…

As much to shut him up Buffalo-Bull eventually agreed to his demands, “go and lie over there,” he said.

Coyote went to lie down.

“Do not flee when I dash at you,” said Buffalo-Bull.

“I will not flee,” said Coyote.

Buffalo-Bull retreated to one corner of his field and commenced working himself up to frenzy…

He tore up turf.

He threw dirt skyward.

He bellowed and he snorted.

Finally, he charged at Coyote.

Coyote, who had been watching all this out of the corner of his eye, desperately wanted to flee but realised that this was his last chance to prove himself.

Coyote stayed where he was and as Buffalo-Bull bore down on him, he readied himself for the impact…


To be continued…

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