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An Imperious Impulse…



Coyote’s wife became ill and died.

Coyote was devastated and did nothing but howl for the loss of her.

The Great Spirit tired of the eternal racket Coyote had set up and sent  Death Spirit to calm him.

“If you long to see your wife again,” said Death Spirit, “I can take you to the place where she has gone.”

Coyote ceased his howling.

“You must follow my instructions to the letter.”

“To the letter,” echoed Coyote.

“Then let us go,” said Death Spirit.

Coyote could not see Death Spirit properly, he appeared somewhat shadowy, but he was happy to follow as best he could.

They set off together and traversed a plain.

“So many horses,” observed Death Spirit, “it must be a round-up.”

“Yes, yes,” agreed Coyote, “lots of horses!” but he could not actually see any.

Death Spirit knew Coyote could not see anything but when they approached the Lodge of the Dead he said, “Oh look, a bounty of berries, let us pick some to eat!” Then he reached up and pulled a branch of berries down.

Coyote followed the actions of Death Spirit, moving his hand from branch to mouth as if he were plucking berries and eating them.

“Such tasty berries,” said Death Spirit.

“Oh yes,” agreed Coyote, it is good that we found them.

“We are about to arrive,” said Death Spirit, “I will go first, raise the door flap, bend low and enter, then you too will do the same.”

“Yes, yes,” said Coyote, “I will do exactly as you do.”

Thus they proceeded and together entered into the Lodge of the Dead…


To be continued…

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